Translation Course Graduation in Vanuatu

DALLAS, TX (November 16, 2004) Six men from Paama Island and fifteen from nearby Ambrym Island in Vanuatu will graduate the third week of November with a Certificate in Translating, a course written by SIL staff and accredited by the Australian Employment and Training Authority. This course was originally designed to train Australian Aborigines to translate various publications into their own languages. SIL has received permission to offer this training in Vanuatu and other countries.

The course consists of 26 modules covering linguistics, anthropology, and translation topics. The instruction is designed as practical on-the-job training. In Vanuatu, SIL is offering the course to help mother tongue translators better serve on a translation team.

SIL staff Barbara and Leigh Labrecque have been offering the training to the Paama and Southeast Ambrym translators over the past two years. In the process, the two groups have produced publications in these related languages.

Janet and Jim Stahl with SIL also teach the course to national translators from South Efate, Namakura, and the Nakanamanga language groups.