Fredrick A. Boswell, Ph.D. candidate

Executive Director


  • Ph.D. (candidate) Linguistics, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  • M.A. Biblical Literature, Oral Roberts University (1981)
  • B.A. New Testament studies, Oral Roberts University (cum laude) (1979)

Current position

Executive Director of SIL International (2008– )

Other experience

  • SIL International Vice President for Academic Affairs (2005–2007)
  • SIL International Translation Coordinator (2000–2005)
  • International Translation Consultant, SIL (1995– )
  • Entity Director of Solomon Islands SIL (1992–1998)
  • Translation Consultant, Solomon Islands SIL (1992–1998)
  • Translation Advisor, Cheke Holo language, Solomon Islands (1989–1998)


Research interests

  • Translation and Communication Theory Development
  • The notion of 'possession' in Austronesian languages
  • Discourse analysis and genres in Austronesian languages

Selected papers presented

2009. “Minority Language Communities of the 21st Century: How Do They Fit in the Global Context?”Presented at Yunnan Nationalities University Seminar on Multilingual Education, Kunming, China.

2008. “Cheke Holo orthography: Ethnic language community decision-making and the role of trained linguists.”Presented at 2nd International Conference on Language Development, Language Revitilization, and Multilingual Education in Ethnolinguistic Communities, Bangkok

2004. “Classifying Cotton Patch Version and Similar Renderings as Adaptive Retelling rather than Translation.” Presented at Society of Biblical Literature, San Antonio.

2004. “Theology and Translation: Navigating the Intersections.” Presented at International Translation Conference of Computer-Related Technology, Rome.

2003. “How Relevant? The Impact of Relevance Theory upon SIL Translation Work.” Presented at Society of Biblical Literature, Atlanta.

2001. “Read my Lipograms Accurately, Beautifully, Clearly, Dynamically: Is it Possible to Translate the Literary Forms of Psalm 119 and La Disparition?” Presented at Translation and Similarity Conference, New York.

2001. “The Genres of Shouted Speech in Cheke Holo.” Presented at the 75th annual meeting of the Linguistic Society of America, Washington, DC.

2000. “Cheke Holo Orthography: Local Tradition Clashes with a Linguist's Concerns.” Presented at the annual meeting of the Australian Linguistics Society, Melbourne, Australia.

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