Webonary gives language groups the ability to publish their bilingual or multilingual dictionaries on the web with a minimum of technical help. Each dictionary is built around a search bar, which looks for a word throughout the dictionary, and returns the most relevant results to the top of the list. Browse views and downloadable views are also available. Please check out http://example.webonary.org. There are two ways to publish using the Webonary technology.

1) Publish your dictionary on webonary.org (recommended).

The webserver is set up for the use of webonary. All one needs to do is import one’s data and adjust the template. Technical help is available to guide you through this process.

2) Install your own WordPress installation (for more technical users)

For this you will need to have your own webserver and be able to adjust the php settings (see instructions). Some technical help may be available, but this is a much more complicated process.

Please contact webonary.org to get started.