Linguistics Coordinators

SIL has Linguistics Coordinators responsible for different regions and areas. These coordinators act as a primary clearinghouse for linguistic activities within their area of responsibility, encouraging and facilitating academic production and connecting people. To contact one of them, please go to the contact page, and select "linguistics" from the "category" drop-down menu.

The current Coordinators are:


Brian O'Herin, Ph.D.
International Linguistics Coordinator

Mary Pearce, Ph.D.
Associate International Linguistics Coordinator

A list of former International Linguistics Coordinators can be found here.


Thomas Blecke, PhD
Team Leader for Linguistics, Africa Focused Language Program Services


Steve Echerd, M.A.
Americas Area Linguistics Services Coordinator


Brian Migliazza, Ph.D.
Asia Area Linguistics Coordinator


Joan Baart, Ph.D.
Eurasia Area Linguistics Co-Coordinator

Linda Humnick, Ph.D.
Eurasia Area Linguistics Co-Coordinator


Mary Salisbury, Ph.D.
Pacific Area Linguistics Coordinator

Sign Languages

Albert Bickford, Ph.D.
Global Sign Languages Team Linguistic Services Coordinator