Wise, Mary Ruth and Richard L. Watson, editors
Wise, Mary Ruth and Richard L. Watson, editors
Davis, Patricia M

Applies theories of cognition and learning to cross-cultural education, dealing with developmental and information-processing theories and learning styles.

Pike, Kenneth L

Discusses understanding persons, things and events in relation to occurrence in structure, to class membership and to other functions in relation to the control their frames of reference have over them.

Lewis, M. Paul, editor

The Ethnologue is a comprehensive reference book that catalogs all the known living languages in the world today.

Speck, Charles H., compiler
Presents a sampling of the oral literature of the Zapotec people in San Lorenzo Texmelucan (Mexico). Written in Spanish and English. En español y ingles.
Stubblefield, Morris and Carol Stubblefield, compilers

Gives a grammatical sketch of Zapotec (Mitla Vallay, Oaxaca, Mexico).

Pike, Evelyn G. and Rachel Saint, editors

Discusses discourse features (peak), grammatical structures (clause) and features of the referential structure (participant reference).

Rupp, James E. and Nadine Rupp, compilers

A compilation of seven stories narrated by a native speaker of this language group (southern Mexico).

Rosendall, Heidi J

A phonological study of the four Gwari lects (Nigeria): Northern and Southern Gbagyi and Northern and Southern Gbari.

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