Decker, Ken and John Grummitt
This introductory textbook is for anyone studying the motivations behind language use choices. It includes numerous examples and case studies from around the world to illustrate the realities of sociolinguistic field research.
The central idea of this volume is the simple insistence that the structure of a part of a discourse (or text) needs to be explained in light of the structure of the whole. The book can be used both as a textbook and field manual for discourse analysis.
Longacre, Robert E. and Shin Ja J. Hwang
The central idea of this textbook is that the structure of a part of a discourse needs to be explained in light of the structure of the whole. This second edition employs the color-coding of example texts to aide in understanding the discourse structure.
Hill, Harriet, Ernst-August Gutt, Christoph Unger, Rick Floyd, and Margaret Hill

This book utilizes advances in human communication theory, focusing on the intended meaning and received meaning in their application to effective, relevant Bible translation.

Barnwell, Katharine, compiler

For use in workshops where participants are mother tongue speakers of the languages involved and have had no linguistic training.

Larson, Mildred L

Designed to give practice in solving the various problems which the Bible translator faces. Through drill and practice, the student will develop skill in applying the principles of translation.

Larson, Mildred L., Ellis W. Deibler and Marjorie Crofts

A companion manual to be used along with " Meaning-Based Translation" which provides biblical drill material for the content taught in the same chapter of the textbook.

Barnwell, Katharine

A basic introduction to the study of semantics, prepared mainly for those approaching, for the first time, the study of this discipline and its application to Bible translation.

Wendland, Ernst R

This book gives step-by-step guidance in analyzing different types of Psalms, with accompanying exercises.

Barnwell, Katharine

A manual for those who are preparing to translate the Bible into their own mother tongue. It can be used as a textbook for formal courses or for training individuals.

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