Fifty Years in Brazil: A Sampler of SIL Work 1958-2008 (Um Tributo aos Povos Indígenas: 50 Anos da SIL Brasil)

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Dooley, Robert A., Mary Ruth Wise and Isabel Murphy, editors
SIL International
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Dallas, TX
xix, 396 pages
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Table of Contents:

Apresentação (Foreword)
by Francisco Gomes de Matos

by Mary Ruth Wise

1.SIL – 50 Anos no Brasil
by Isaac Costa de Souza

2.Desmond Derbyshire (1924–2007)
by Geoffrey K. Pullum

3.Word Order Universals and the Existence of OVS Languages
by Desmond C. Derbyshire

4.Syntactic Typology
by Desmond C. Derbyshire

5.Os Parágrafos Gramaticais, Fonológicos e Léxicais na Língua Kaiwá
by Loraine I. Bridgeman

6.Network Diagramming Applied to Translation
by Margaret Sheffler

7.Marked Topicalization Processes in Nambiquara
by Ivan Lowe

8.When Switch Reference Moves to Discourse
by Robert A. Dooley

9.Análise do Discurso e Estudo da Gramática
by Ursula Wiesemann

10.Mamaindé Coda Processes
by Dave Eberhard

11.Exemplos do Dicionário Parintintín-Português Português-Parintintín
by LaVera Betts, Compiladora

12.A Snapshot of Indians and Culture Areas of Mid-Twentieth Century Brazil
by Dale W. Kietzman

13.Uma Seleção de Dados de Ofaié
by Sarah C. Gudschinsky

14.Excerpts from Cross-Referencing Changes in Some Tupí-Guaraní Languages
by Cheryl Jensen

15.On Surui Social Organization
by Carolyn Bontkes and William R. Merrifield

16.Interpretação de Segmentos e Seqüências de Segmentos Ambivalentes
by Gloria E. Kindell

17.O Novo Ritual Kayapó de Educação
by Isabel Murphy

18.Bibliografia Selecionada da SIL-Brasil
by Kathleen Jefferson e Alan R. Vogel, Compiladores

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