Orthographies and Orthographic Mismatches: Fas vs Melanesian Pidgin

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The following paper was read at a meeting of the Linguistic Society of Papua New Guinea in July 1983. Given a renewed interest in Papuan languages and the accommodating emergence of the Internet, it seemed a good idea to make these data more easily available. The paper has only been slightly edited in favour, hopefully, of greater clarity. The Fas language was studied at intermittent periods from 1978 to 1988. The rather abrupt and untimely end of the research program, meant that a lot of data and rough drafts remained unpublished and unavailable. This publication is part of an attempt to remedy that to some extent. For more information consult the SIL PNG Language Resource Site. See www.kwomtari.net for general information on Fas and the Kwomtari phylum language area. Wietze Baron ([email protected]) Hoogezand, the Netherlands October 2007
This material was collected in the 1970/80s. It may contain errors and reflects the understanding of the researcher at that time.
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Papua New Guinea
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