Chinantec Project of the language of the scattered peoples of Ancient San Pedro Tlatepuzco, Oaxaca, Mexico

[1st edition]
SIL International
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National Science Foundation
This work was originally published as a CD and included several resources: a) an English introduction to the CD as a whole, b) a PDF version of the bilingual dictionary [San Pedro Tlatepuzco Chinantec - Spanish] which had been printed separately as part of SIL-Mexico’s VIMSA series (see REAP entry 10939), c) a list of Chinantec verb conjugations, d) a list of Chinantec active verbs, and e) the Chinantec standard format database from which the dictionary was prepared. The database also includes glossed texts and an English-Chinantec index that were not previously published. (At the time, the database was used with Shoebox, version 4.1, which was also included on the CD.) The entire contents of the CD are available here in ZIP format. The files can be extracted to a hard disk or they can be burned to a CD and used as they were originally packaged. Start with the .EXE files in the AutoRun folder to access the original CD menu. Please note that the included Acrobat reader and Shoebox programs are very out-dated and may no longer function as intended.
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