Our Company Increases Apace: History, Language and Social Identity in Early Colonial Andover, Massachusetts

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Abbot, Elinor
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SIL International
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Dallas, Texas
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Publications in Ethnography 40
xxxvii, 239 pages
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  1. "Well-Stored" Andover: History and Language, History in Language
    • Philip Greven’s Andover
    • Sources
    • Related Studies
  2. "From the Native’s Point of View": Emic Social Categories in the New England Colonial Record
    • Blood and Country
    • Company and Plantation
    • The Bay Company and the Bay Colony
  3. "Our Company Increases Apace": The Planting of Andover
    • Bay Colony Expansion
    • Planting a Church-Town
    • Planning and Recruitment for Andover: The Gathering of the Company
    • The Planting of Andover
    • Who the Settlers Were: Summary Table
  4. "Cochichawick Called Andover": From Plantation to Town
    • Frontier Andover
    • The Plantation
    • Features of the Town Center
    • Andover in the Regional Setting
    • Growth and Fission: North and South Ends Emerge
    • Settlement and Dispersal
    • What the Tax Lists Show: Summary Table
  5. "A Motion of Marriage": Marriage and Alliance in Early Andover
    • Marriage in Andover
    • Marriage and Social Location
    • Old and New Social Identities in Andover Marriage Patterns
    • Marriage in the Second Generation: Covenanters and non-Covenanters
    • Cousin Marriage and British Regional Backgrounds
  6. "An Axe at Andover": The Course of the Parish Split
    • Overview of Events: 1676-1710
    • Lines of Division in Andover: 1676-1679
    • Arenas of Conflict: 1680-1692
    • Blood, Country, and Witchcraft: 1690-1692
    • The Town Divides: 1692-1710
  7. "As Bees When the Hive Is Too Full": The Aftermath of the Parish Split
    • Marriage and Social Crisis: Greven Revisited
    • Samuel Phillips and the New South Parish
    • "The Peace of the Town"

Appendix A

  • Town Seals and Anniversary Banners

Appendix B

  • Documents: Seating the Meetinghouse
    • B.1 The Beverly text: Seating the Meetinghouse
    • B.2 The Tewksbury text: Seating the Meetinghouse

Appendix C

  • The Reverend Thomas Barnard’s Letter to Governor Dudley (1710)

Appendix D

  • Andover Tax Records, 1679-1716



  • Sources
  • References

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