Electronic Book Reviews

Review of: The Slavic languages, by Roland Sussex; Paul Cubberley

Review of: Fighting over words: Language and civil law cases , by Roger W. Shuy, Review of: The language of defamation cases, by Roger W. Shuy

Review of: Paradigms in phonological theory, by Laura J. Downing; T. Alan Hall; Renate Raffelsiefen

Review of: Language origins: Perspectives on evolution, by Maggie Tallerman

Review of: Is that a fish in your ear?: Translation and the meaning of everything, by David Bellos

Review of: Impoliteness: Using language to cause offence, by Jonathan Culpeper

Review of: Communication in medical care: Interaction between primary care physicians and patients, by John Heritage; Douglas W. Maynard

Review of: A history of Roget's thesaurus: Origins, development, and design, by Werner Hüllen