Electronic Book Reviews

Review of: Linguistics and the formal sciences: The origins of generative grammar, by Marcus Tomalin

Review of: How words mean: Lexical concepts, cognitive models, and meaning construction, by Vyvyan Evans

Review of: European vernacular literacy: A sociolinguistic and historical introduction, by Joshua A. Fishman

Review of: Christian and critical English language educators in dialogue: Pedagogical and ethical dilemmas, by Mary Shepard Wong; Suresh Canagarajah

Review of: Chinese Englishes: A sociolinguistic history, by Kingsley Bolton

Review of: Cambridge handbook of endangered languages, by Peter K. Austin; Julia Sallabank

Review of: An introduction to applied linguistics (2nd edition), by Norbert Schmitt

Review of: The Oxford handbook of comparative syntax, by Guglielmo Cinque; Richard S. Kayne

Review of: Languages and communities in early modern Europe, by Peter Burke

Review of: Introduction to Cognition and Communication, by Keith Stenning; Alex Lascarides; Jo Calder