Publications in Ethnography

SIL International and the International Museum of Cultures Publications in Ethnography (formerly International Museum of Cultures Series) is a series published jointly by SIL International and the International Museum of Cultures. The series focuses on cultural studies of minority peoples of various parts of the world. While most volumes are authored by members of SIL International who have done ethnologic research in a minority language, suitable works by others also occasionally form part of the series.

Sims, Andrew and Anne Sims

Looks at the culture of the Ketengban people (eastern highlands of Irian Jaya, Indonesia).

Mayers, Marvin K. and Daniel D. Rath, editors

Gives a collection of studies of Papua New Guinea cultures, each isolating one key concept that is believed to define the whole of that culture.

Gregerson, Marilyn B., Dorothy M. Thomas, Doris E. Blood, and Carol F. Zylstra, editors

This volume contains a selection of folktales collected in Vietnam from 1960 to 1975. The minority groups whose oral literature were selected for this volume also contrasts in their basic forms of social organization as reflected in the tales themselves.

Eakin, Lucille, Erwin Lauriault, and Harry Boonstra

Describes the cultures of two closely related language groups in the Peruvian Amazon: the Shipibo and Conibo.

Merrifield, William R., editor

Presents studies focusing on world view and cultural change from five Amazonian communities. Documents some of the results of modernizing influences from the outside as well as some of the underlying ideologies used to interpret these influences.

Merrifield, William R., editor

Studies representing the following languages: Paumarí, Cubeo, Tucano, Kayabí and Suruí, spoken in Brazil, and Coguí, Guahibo, and Coreguaje, spoken in Colombia.

Allison, Karen J

Interprets and molds five presuppositions of the Samal world view and certain related values through three coordinate systems presented in the culture: religions and supernatural, social and economic.

Arensen, Jonathan E

Describes and documents various indigenous house forms in the southern Sudan and northern Kenya area in order to gain insights into the lives of the people who build them. Formulates reasons as to why people build their houses in the ways they do.

Noss, Philip A., editor

Studies the culture and religion of the Chamba, Duru, Gula and Gbaya of Cameroun.

Merrifield, William R

Reconstructs the protolanguage of six languages found in Mexico.