Publications in Linguistics

Publications in Linguistics, is a venue for works covering a broad range of topics in linguistics, especially the analytical treatment of minority languages from all parts of the world. While most volumes are authored by members of SIL International, suitable works by others also occasionally form part of the series. From 1976 to 2010, Publications in Linguistics was published jointly by SIL International and the University of Texas at Arlington.

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Allen, Janet L.

Describing an Austronesian language of the northern Philippines, this volume breaks new ground by analyzing the ergative grammar of Kankanaey within the framework of Role and Reference Grammar (RRG). The topics range from word formation to phrases, clauses, and sentences. This volume should serve as a reference and model for those who would like to use RRG theory to inform their own language research.

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Nicolle, Steve

This volume is the only comprehensive grammar of the underdocumented Digo (Chidigo) language to date and will be of interest to linguists concerned with Bantu languages, typology, morphosyntax, and semantics.

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Tamis, Rianne and Janet Persson, editors

Sudanese Arabic is spoken in Khartoum and throughout most of the Republic of Sudan, but it is essentially an unwritten language, since Modern Standard Arabic is almost always used for written communications. This dictionary will be invaluable for both beginning language learners and those who have already made progress in learning the language.

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Thiesen, Wesley and David Weber
This is the first comprehensive linguistic study of Bora, a typologically unusual language spoken in Colombia and Peru, the result of four decades of work among the Bora people.
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Wistrand-Robinson, Lila and James Armagost

Presents the Comanche-English dictionary with illustrative sentences, brief grammar, photographs and original art.

Van Otterloo, Karen and Roger Van Otterloo
This set includes Volume 1: Phonology, Tone, and Morphological Derivation and Volume 2: A Descriptive Grammar
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Van Otterloo, Roger

This groundbreaking study addresses all grammatical levels of Kifuliiru, a Bantu (J) language of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Together with its companion volume, this set comprises one of the most thorough Bantu grammars available.

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Van Otterloo, Karen

This volume on Kifuliiru, a Bantu (J) language of the Democratic Republic of Congo, and its companion volume, The Kifuliiru Language, Volume 2: A Descriptive Grammar, is one of the most thorough and yet readable Bantu grammars available.

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Ahland, Michael Bryan
Presents an historical examination of sound change and other developments in the very-nearly extinct Gurage language known as Mesmes while also considering the linguistic and social environments in which the language has been lost.
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Smith, Tony and Richard Gravina

The Muyang and Mbuko phonologies present typologically unusual data, the bulk of which is found in the vowel systems. The works in this volume are the result of years of intensive contact with the speakers of Muyang and Mbuko by the authors.