Publications in Linguistics

Publications in Linguistics, is a venue for works covering a broad range of topics in linguistics, especially the analytical treatment of minority languages from all parts of the world. While most volumes are authored by members of SIL International, suitable works by others also occasionally form part of the series. From 1976 to 2010, Publications in Linguistics was published jointly by SIL International and the University of Texas at Arlington.

Hedinger, Robert

The purpose of this book is to describe the grammatical structure of Akoose, also known as Bakossi, one of the north-western most narrow-Bantu languages of Cameroon.

Schröder, Helga
This study of Toposa, an Eastern Nilotic language spoken in Southern Sudan, is both data oriented and theoretical. It is valuable for upper level students of syntactic theory. It should also help further study of VSO languages and discourse research.
Cahill, Michael C

This study combines a descriptive and theoretical presentation of Kɔnni, a Gur language of northern Ghana. It presents an Optimality Theory analysis of the entire phonological system.

Olson, Kenneth S

This describes the sound system of Mono, a Banda language of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Wise, Mary Ruth, Thomas N. Headland and Ruth M. Brend, editors

The contributors to this volume are just a few of the thousands of scholars whose work was influenced by Kenneth Pike's teaching and writing. Essays in this volume include papers by authors from at least ten countries and six disciplines.

O'Herin, Brian

Provides descriptive coverage and a unified analysis of agreement system of Abaza grammar, a little-documented Northwest Caucasian language exhibiting an extensive agreement system.

Hardin, Karol J

This investigation analyzes pragmatic ways in which Spanish is used to achieve persuasion in television advertising and contributes to the cross-linguistic understanding of pragmatics and persuasion in Spanish.

Foris, David Paul

Describes everything from Chinantec phonemes up through phrases and clauses to compound sentences; from changes of tone and stress to changes in nucleus to signal a wide variety of tense, aspect and related features.

Black, Cheryl A

A careful syntactic analysis of Quiegolani Zapotec Syntax, presented descriptively and with a theoretical analysis.

Miller, Marion

Presents comprehensive overview of Desano (southeast Colombia and Brazil) grammar, from phonetic to discourse features.