SIL authors contribute to the education of students in the fields of Linguistics, Translation, Cultural Studies, and Literacy with a wide list of works used in educational programs.

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Levinsohn, Stephen H

Discusses discourse features of Koine Greek from the perspective of descriptive linguistics.

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McKinney, Carol V

Provides guidance in the practical aspects of fieldwork and gives suggestions for collecting both qualitative and quantitative cultural data.

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Bickford, J. Albert

A textbook and practical guide for acquiring skills necessary to analyze the morphology and syntax of languages around the world.

Larson, Mildred L., Ellis W. Deibler and Marjorie Crofts

A companion manual to be used along with " Meaning-Based Translation" which provides biblical drill material for the content taught in the same chapter of the textbook.

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Edmondson, Jerold A. and Donald A. Burquest

A textbook that presents a sample of the more popular approaches to linguistic theorizing.

Callow, Kathleen

Describes how a linguist can examine a text to describe its structure, definition, and function.

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Waters, Glenys

Details how to plan and carry out a community literacy project, including tackling the additional barriers of language, culture and logistics in developing countries… a "must" for the pioneering literacy worker.

Larson, Mildred L

Textbook designed to show the difference between the structure of meaning and the various ways languages have to code meaning and to show how this affects the translation process.

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Bergen, Robert D., editor

Contains 22 papers that approach the study of Biblical Hebrew and Biblical Hebrew texts from a discourse linguistics perspective.

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Gutt, Ernst-August

Describes the nature of communication, the implications it has for the theory of translation and its application to Bible translation.