Publications in Translation and Textlinguistics

Publications in Translation and Textlinguistics is a peer-reviewed series published by SIL International. The series is a venue for works concerned with all aspects of translation and textlinguistics, including translation theory, exegesis, pragmatics, and discourse analysis.

Wendland, Ernst R

This book applies a literary functional equivalence (LiFE) approach in a practical, procedure-documented manner to the text analysis and translation for various literature of the Scriptures. Eight case studies from the lyric corpus of the Hebrew Bible are considered .

Wendland, Ernst R.

What does “orality” (oral forms of discourse) have to do with the “Scriptures,” a corpus of sacred written documents? The aim of these essays is to reveal how the field of “orality studies” concerns the manifold process of composing, translating, and transmitting the diverse texts of Scriptures.

Wendland, Ernst R.

This workbook is intended to introduce translators, exegetes, Bible students and communicators of the Scriptures to some of the main forms and functions of biblical literature, prose as well as poetry.

Bergli, Ågot

Shows the role of specific linguistic structures in the creation of formulaic, artistic patterns in Quechua legendary narratives and explores how the patterns function in relation to concepts such as main event line and other rhetorical structures.

Longacre, Robert E.; Shin Ja J. Hwang, editor

This book brings together Robert Longacre’s articles on textlinguistics and discourse analysis scattered throughout journals and books. Longacre’s theory of textlinguistics focuses on the intersection of the morphosyntax and discourse structure.

Wendland, Ernst R

This book proposes the implementation of a literary functional-equivalence (LiFE) method of the translation that seeks to represent or recreate in a given language the variety of expressive and affective dynamics of the diverse texts of Scripture.