Translator's Workplace FAQ


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  1. When will the new TW be available?
    • Translators Workplace 5.1, Folio, and
    • Translators Workplace, Logos Edition,
    • Scheduled for release on September 30.
  2. I've heard that TW will be available as a Logos collection, but I’ve also heard that Logos resources are expensive.
    • TW will be available in both the Folio and Logos formats
    • There are no charges for the Logos engine (a free download at and
    • You are not required to make any additional Logos purchases
    • Both licensing and sales of TW will be through SIL.
  3. What is the charge for the new TW?
    • The charge for each format will be $50.00*
  4. What are the differences between TW Folio and TW Logos?
  5. Is there a beta version (either format) available now?
    • There is no beta version available.
  6. Will my TW 5.0 license allow me to automatically (and/or freely) acquire the new edition?
  7. Can I pay one license fee that will allow me to view my resources in both Folio and Logos?
    • No, the Logos and Folio versions are distributed as separate products, with separate licenses.
  8. Will I be able to get a DVD (and/or, download) for TW?
    • TW Folio will be available just as before on a DVD and will also be available as an online download for the first time
    • TW Logos will be available as an online download initially, and a TW Logos DVD will be available sometime after the initial release.
  9. Where and when will I be able to find out more information about TW options and place an order?
    • By September 30, we plan to have a home page with descriptions for the TW options on under the Resources tab where you will select Publications.
    • Each TW format will have a button to request a license, which will lead you through the process.
  10. Can I use my existing Logos (or Libronix) resources with TW Logos?
    • TW Logos is designed to integrate with and expand your existing Logos (or Libronix) library
    • By using your existing Logos Customer ID, your new resources will be integrated with existing resources.
    • Upgrade instructions will be available when you purchase the product.
  11. What about Translators Notes? Are there any new requirements there?
    • Translators Notes making use of rights managed resources (such as the NIV) will require licensing also.
    • The Publications landing page will have a link to each product's title lists.

*Several rights holders of resources in TW have begun to charge SIL royalties and some also require annual fees or life of license fees. Those expenses must be passed on in part to the user. Additionally, several rights holders require detailed annual reporting. In order to comply, licensing will be required for each copy of TW acquired whether through or through an Area or an agency.