Language Development

SIL works with ethnolinguistic minority communities as they build their capacity for the sustainable development of their own languages.

Community-based language development

involves a series of ongoing planned actions that a language community takes to ensure that its language continues to serve its changing social, cultural, political, economic and spiritual needs and goals. SIL's expertise related to language development includes training and consulting for activities such as linguistic analysis, orthography and writing systems development, literature development, multilingual education and literacy. 

Materials Development

SIL works in partnership with local speakers to develop new written and oral materials in their mother tongue.

The format of mother-tongue materials is determined by the community and might include print, audio or video items. Content covers a variety of subjects such as primers, folk stories, school books, health and hygiene guidelines, games, history, etc. In addition to original publications, local translators often adapt educational materials from other languages on subjects such as nutrition, farming and health (including HIV/AIDS). SIL also works with communities to foster the effective use of these resources. 

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