12th International Conference on Austronesian Linguistics hosted in Indonesia

Dr. J. Stephen Quakenbush of SIL presents a study on language vitality and endangerment.

(July 2012) The 12th International Conference on Austronesian Linguistics (12-ICAL), co-organized by the Australian National University, MPI-EVA Leipzig and Udayana University was hosted at Udayana’s campus in Bali, Indonesia, 2-6 July. Held every three to four years, this conference draws Austronesianists from around the world.

The wide range of topics covered at this year’s event included detailed studies of linguistic phenomena in specific languages, as well as theoretical studies related to the Austronesian language family and various sub-groupings. Also in view were issues of language endangerment, revitalization and documentation. These SIL linguists gave presentations:


With over twelve hundred languages, Austronesian is the world’s second largest language family (only the Niger-Congo family is larger). The Austronesian family includes languages with millions of speakers, such as IndonesianMalay and Tagalog. It also includes a multitude of smaller language groups. Many of these ethnolinguistic communities live on the Pacific islands of Melanesia, a region with the highest concentration of languages per square kilometer in the world.

The Linguistic Society of the Philippines and SIL served as co-organizers for 10-ICAL in Palawan, Philippines in 2006. Papers from that conference are available here. Dr. Josephine Daguman of SIL continues as a member of the International Steering Committee. Dr. Quakenbush completes his term of service with the conclusion of 12-ICAL.

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