2017 SIL International Publications

This year SIL published new print books, downloadable ePubs, plus free eBooks, covering topics of phonetics, literacy, cultural competence and more.

(December 2017) During 2017, SIL International Publications released seven print books and three more ePub versions of books already published in print.

New print publications:

Introduction to Field Phonetics, Norris P. and Carol V. McKinney: Designed especially for students whose aim is to learn an unwritten language, this articulatory phonetics textbook teaches students how to pronounce and transcribe all the known sounds of the world’s languages.

Leadership in Literacy: Capacity Building and the Ifè Program, JeDene Reeder: A central question for literacy and development practitioners is how to cultivate sustainable literacy organizations that promote development. The Ifè literacy program of Togo models the successful development of one such organization, and the resulting productive secondary programs. This book covers leadership theories and models, particularly African leadership in volunteer organizations.

Studies in the PsalmsErnst R. Wendland: Understanding Biblical Hebrew poetry is a formidable task and the complexity rises exponentially when attempting a translation. This collection of studies examines both the analysis of select Psalms and their translation into English and a Bantu language.

Acclimated to Africa, Cultural Competence for Westerners, Debbi DiGennaro: Cultural competence—knowing what one needs to know to act in a manner acceptable in a society—is the first step to credibility and the surest antidote to being misunderstood. Both Westerners working in Africa and those working among Africans living in the West will benefit from the insights of this book.  

Ethnologue: Languages of Asia
Ethnologue: Languages of the Americas and the Pacific
Ethnologue: Languages of Africa and Europe  
Twentieth Edition: Gary F. Simons and Charles D. Fennig, Editors. The Ethnologue, printed in three volumes, catalogs all the known living languages in the world today.

(Coming January 2018) Tone Analysis for Field Linguists, Keith L. Snider: Tone, the use of pitch to provide phonological contrast between morphemes, plays an integral role in the structures of many languages. This book teaches linguists a tried-and-proven methodology for analyzing tone in any part of the world. Provided with the book are supporting materials for teachers via an online application process, a first-ever feature in SIL publications.

New ePub releases (of books previously published in print):

Developing Orthographies for Unwritten LanguageMichael Cahill and Keren Rice, Editors 

Understanding Language ChoicesKen Decker and John Grummitt

Sustaining Language UseM. Paul Lewis and Gary F. Simons

List of currently available ePubs


SIL e-Books

In addition to ePub editions of print releases, SIL also electronically publishes a number of volumes authored primarily by SIL staff. Two more volumes posted in 2017 raise the total of SIL e-Books to sixty-eight. The series includes book-length documents on language and culture, especially as related to lesser-known and endangered languages. Subject areas include linguistics, sociolinguistics, anthropology, translation, literacy and education, language and culture learning, and computer applications to those endeavors.

SIL serves language communities worldwide as they build capacity for sustainable language development. SIL publishes the results of its research, literacy work, multilingual education, translation and training, in addition to materials developed within lesser-known and endangered language communities.


Also available: 2017 Electronic Publication Series


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