41st Annual Conference on African Linguistics

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(May 2010) Six SIL linguists are presenting papers 6–8 May at the 41st Annual Conference on African Linguistics (ACAL 2010) in Toronto, Canada. ACAL is an annual conference dedicated to the study of African languages and linguistics. The featured theme for 2010 is “African languages in contact.” This year’s organizing committee is the Department of Linguistics of the University of Toronto. The presentations cover numerous areas of African linguistic research covering a wide range of the African continent.

from Cahill's presentation: a spectrogram of an audio recordingFrom Cahill’s presentation: this spectrogram shows where lips are open (O) then closed (C) for a nasal preceding /k͡p/ in Konni.

SIL presentations

Linguistics in SIL
 focuses on researching undocumented minority languages, training field linguists, and providing resources to assist in linguistic data collection and analysis.

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