Bamako International Forum on Multilingualism

(January 2009) The African Academy of Languages (ACALAN) organized the Bamako International Forum on Multilingualism in Bamako, Mali, 19–21 January. The aim was to celebrate the International Year of Languages on the African continent through an event of international scope and perspective.

Barbara Trudell, Director of Academic Affairs for SIL Africa Area and an international literacy consultant, delivered a paper titled "Multilingualism in Sub-Saharan Africa: Describing a phenomenon, leveraging a resource." Her paper was one of eight in the panel, "Presentations on the problematic of linguistic diversity within each major world geo-linguistic space and on the political, economic and cultural stakes arising from the status of languages in continental and international organizations."

Purpose of the forum

  • forum participantsTo meet the objectives of an international seminar that ACALAN had been planning for several years on the "partnership between African languages and the working languages of the African union"
  • To strengthen the process of promoting languages and multilingualism as vehicles for democracy, fundamental human rights, state of law, peace and dialogue in the world. This responds to the objectives of a New York seminar on Peace Through Languages held on 18 March 2008