Call for papers: 4th International Conference on Language and Education

(January 2013) The Asia Multilingual Education Working Group (MLE WG) has opened the call for papers, panels and workshop proposals for the 4th International Conference on Language and Education. The theme for the conference is “Multilingual Education for ALL in Asia and the Pacific–Policies, Practices and Processes.” The event will take place 6-8 November in Bangkok, Thailand. SIL is among the organizations sponsoring the conference.

According to conference organizers:

The conference brings together MLE partners to increase understanding of the importance of expanding access to effective MLE and strengthen momentum for MLE in the Asia-Pacific region. The conference will facilitate the exchange of effective practices and experiences, link MLE theory to practice and foster policy dialogue. The conference will serve as a platform for forward-looking debate and the shaping of effective education policies and programmes for the post-2015* agenda.

Proposals and abstracts will be accepted until 30 April 2013. Conference organizers are seeking presentations that highlight relevant local, national, international or comparative research and practice in four thematic areas:

1. Multilingual Education: What and Why

Objective: to increase general understanding of MLE and adopt a common definition of MLE that is relevant in the Asian and Pacific contexts.

 2. Towards Sound MLE Policy: Language and Language-in-Education Policy and Planning in Asia and the Pacific

Objective: to discuss recent policy developments related to MLE, particularly in Asia and the Pacific, and to learn from and build on these developments so language and language-in-education policies can be strengthened throughout the region.

 3. Delivering Quality and Inclusive MLE: Teachers, Pedagogy and Innovations

Objective: To discuss lessons learned and challenges of multilingual education initiatives in early childhood education, primary education and adult learning; to determine the factors that influence quality education delivery in multilingual contexts.

 4. Measuring Impact

Objective: To identify good practices in monitoring and measuring the effectiveness of MLE-related interventions in schools and communities; to take stock of emerging evidence on the impact of MLE on learning and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

 For further details and an application for scholarships, please visit the conference website.


*2015 is the goal date for meeting the objectives of the Education for All initiatives.


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