Chadian organization receives UNESCO Literacy Prize


This internationally renowned distinction will help motivate those leading the language associations and all the language communities themselves to achieve our objectives of one day seeing all the people of the Guera able to read, write and count in their languages in order to truly develop the Guera region.

This prize will also encourage the Chadian government and other funders to take a closer look at our literacy program and especially push them to consider its impact in the lives of the beneficiaries.

- Michel Karim, Director of FAPLG

(September 2013) Each year, UNESCO honors two outstanding organizations with the King Sejong Prizes for Literacy. One of this year’s recipients is the Federation of Guera Language Associations (Federation des Associations de Promotion des Langues du Guera, FAPLG), a close partner of SIL in the African nation of Chad. SIL congratulates FAPLG on this honor in recognition of the organization’s support for literacy in a multilingual context.

At the 9 September ceremony at UNESCO’s Paris headquarters, FAPLG Director Michel Karim accepted the award on behalf of the organization. Karim has served on staff with FAPLG since 2009 and was named Director in 2011.

FAPLG is a federation of eighteen language associations in the Guera region of Chad.  Each association runs its own literacy program, with support from FAPLG in the form of regional-level training, monitoring & evaluation, advocacy and financial subsidies. This year there have been adult literacy classes running in fifteen languages, and children's preschool classes in six languages. Some of the adult classes incorporate market gardening and animal husbandry as an income generating activity for learners. FAPLG has been instrumental in leading efforts for standardization of the written forms of the Guera languages through developing or adapting orthographies (writing systems) suitable to the needs of the different communities.

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