CILTA welcomes students from seven countries for 2014 course

(May 2014) An SIL training program in Latin America has welcomed students for a new year of linguistics courses. CILTA* offers Spanish-medium graduate-level training for students pursuing careers in language development service. CILTA began in 2003 with an agreement between SIL and Peru’s Universidad Ricardo Palma, which hosts the program.

Eighteen students from seven countries (Argentina, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela) are participating in this year’s course, which began on 17 March. The new school year also marks a leadership transition: Francisco Linares of El Salvador has accepted the role of CILTA Director. CILTA draws instructors from several Latin American countries, the US and even as far afield as Norway and New Zealand.

While a decision not to hold classes in 2013 due to low enrollment was disappointing to CILTA’s instructors and prospective students, the year of hiatus provided an opportunity to review the course content and add to the program’s online materials for blended instruction and distance courses.

Since the program began, 136 students have completed the CILTA course to prepare for language-related service around the world.

*Curso Internacional de Lingüística, Traducción y Alfabetización/International Course in Linguistics, Translation and Literacy

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