Fighting Avian Flu with literacy: Illustrated information booklet now available online

Avian flu info booklet illustration - family(December 2005) SIL literacy workers and medical professionals in Asia have created and published a booklet describing the potential dangers of the feared global Avian Flu pandemic. Life-saving information describing the risk and prevention of this new strain of flu has been compiled into a booklet format that can be translated and distributed to various language groups. 

For those who have internet access, a simple search can supply all the details about this disease. However, for many people this information is not accessible. Since ethnic minority communities are at a high risk for this deadly disease, they need information in a language they understand in order to take preventative action. It is hoped that these materials will be effective in educating communities that otherwise would be unaware of the potential dangers.

Avian flu info booklet illustration - chickenThe accompanying line drawing illustrations were created by SIL field personnel experienced in producing health and literacy materials. The two illustration sets reflect Papuan and Asian cultures. However, the illustrations are generic enough to be used for other ethnic groups.

 Materials available on this website include a fact sheet, the booklet "Avian Flu Risk and Prevention," a booklet of just text and one of illustrations only. Coming soon will be an audio version and a poster.

Avian flu info booklet illustration - man with chickenAny of these Avian Flu materials may be freely downloaded.