Innovative software and fonts now more accessible

(July 2013) After a recent update, visitors to the software and fonts area of now have improved access to SIL’s products, almost all of which are available for free download. Software & Fonts is found on the Resources tab.

SIL's Language Technology departments have long been dedicated to providing products that meet the technical needs of communities and of fieldworkers involved in language development and language and culture research. The catalog offers a variety of fonts, font-development tools and software for use in disciplines such as literacy, translation and anthropological research.

The listing for each item features a description of the product (some include video clips or tutorials) and links to related products. A new search feature offers users the option to filter the displayed products according to operating system (Linux, Mac or Windows) and category.

While some older products have been retired, many of the currently available products have been significantly updated, including one of SIL’s flagship software products, FieldWorks Language Explorer (FLEx). In addition, many new fonts and software suites have recently been released. Products of special interest include:

Bloom logo

Bloom (beta) makes literature production simple and efficient. Users can adapt a book from a growing collection of Creative Commons shell books or create their own original works. The interface provides accessible ways to add text in multiple languages, prepare books for printing and digitally organize the books that users have produced. Bloom users have access to the Art of Reading Collection – hand-drawn illustrations from around the world.

SayMore logo

SayMore (beta) streamlines the process of collecting and organizing language documentation data, including audio and video files, photographs and transcriptions of audio content. SayMore was designed to work seamlessly with FLEx and ELAN.


WeSay logoWeSay was designed to make dictionary development accessible to mother-tongue speakers with basic computer skills. While the program was designed for non-linguists, data can be exchanged with the more technically complex program FLEx.


Pathway logoPathway (beta) processes language data from FLEx and ParaText and provides a simple way to export files and prepare them for publication.

Annapurna logoAnnapurna SIL is a Unicode-based font designed for languages that use the Devanagari script, which is used widely across South Asia. Designed to be both readable and attractive, Annapurna is useful for literacy materials and other publications.

graphite logoGraphite is a font development tool especially designed to handle scripts with complex behaviors (e.g., right to left scripts, characters which change shape in different letter contexts, ligatures and diacritics).

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