International Congress of Americanists 53 includes three SIL speakers

(July 2009) The 53rd International Congress of Americanists (ICA) is being hosted 19–24 July in Mexico City by the Universidad Iberoamericana. Three SIL linguists are making presentations. The theme of the conference is "The peoples of the Americas: Change and continuity, the construction of a self-identity in a globalized world" ("Los pueblos americanos: Cambios y continuidades, la construcción de lo propio en un mundo globalizado").

Subjects covered in the conference include anthropology, archaeology, art, law, economy, education, philosophy, geography, history, linguistics, sociology, urban studies and human rights.

SIL presentations

  • Daniel J. Hintz, PhD: "Auxiliarización en el Quechua: Motivaciones internas e inducidas por el contacto para el cambio lingüístico" ("Auxiliation in Quechua: Language-internal and contact-induced motivations for change") in the symposium "Variación y Cambio Morfosintácticos: ¿Evolución interna o cambios inducidos por contacto lingüístico? Perspectiva Funcional-Tipológica" ("Variation and Morphosyntactic Change: Internal Evolution or Changes Induced by Linguistic Contact? A Functional-Typological Perspective")
  • Diane Hintz, PhD: "Tiempos verbales del Quechua utilizados para identificar acciones de dos grupos sociales" ("Quechuan verbal tense forms used to identify actions of two social groups") in the symposium "Lengua e Identidad" ("Language and Identity")
  • Mary Ruth Wise, Ph.D., Editor-at-Large, SIL International: "Una 't' epentética o un sufijo que cambia la valencia en lenguas Kampas y Amuesha?" ("An epenthetic 't' or a valence-changing suffix in Kampan languages and Amuesha") in the symposium "Lenguas Indígenas de América del Sur" ("Indigenous Languages of South America")

The ICA meets every three years. The goal of the ICA is to contribute to the development of ethnographic, linquistic and historical studies relating to the Americas, and to bring together those interested in these studies. The first Congress was held in Nancy, France, in 1875.

SIL scholars regularly participate in academic conferences around the world and publish language data in partnership with local institutions, researchers and ethnolinguistic communities. SIL publishes Ethnologue: Languages of the World, an encyclopedic reference work cataloging all of the world’s known living languages.

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