Language development in Cambodian minority communities

(November 2008) Four SIL linguists presented papers at the "Conference on conservation and development of languages and cultures of ethnic minorities in Cambodia." Those attending were primarily practitioners in the sociolinguistics and anthropology of ethnic minorities.

The conference provided a forum to present research papers for 13 national and international researchers, scholars and professors who are conducting research on language and culture. The Institute of National Language, Royal Academy of Cambodia, organized the conference held 24 November in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Purposes of the conference

  • To show the outcome of research, conservation and promotion of ethnic minority languages and cultures
  • To exchange experiences in research, strategic development and educational equity for ethnic minority groups
  • To offer knowledge and experiences for future generations

SIL participants

  • Young Soo KO: "Bipartite negation in Western Cham" (Western Malayo-Polynesian, Cambodia and southern Vietnam delta)
  • Chitse MAGASPAG: "Assessing Kachok language vitality" (Kachok [xkk], Bahnaric, Mon-Khmer, Ratanakiri, northeast Cambodia)
  • Becky Bequette: "Participant reference choices in Bunong folk tales" (South Bahnaric, Mon-Khmer, northeastern Cambodia and southern Vietnam)
  • Kees Jan Bos: "Orthography development with the Kuy" (Katuic, Mon-Khmer, northern Cambodia and eastern Thailand)

Conference topic

  • Development of writing systems for ethnic minority languages
  • Language policy in education for ethnic minorities
  • Phonology of ethnic minority languages
  • Morphology of ethnic minority languages
  • Syntax of ethnic minority languages
  • Folktales of ethnic minorities
  • Cultures of ethnic minorities

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