LEAD Asia Community of Practice event scheduled for November

The LEAD Community of Practice brings together “individuals, teams, organisations and networks all grappling with questions around language, education and development. The focus of the community is working with marginalised communities, often marginalised because of their unique culture and/or language, and it is facilitated by LEAD Asia, a unit of SIL International in Asia.”

-From LEAD Asia’s CoP FAQ

(July 2013) LEAD Asia is inviting specialists in language, education and development to its next Community of Practice (CoP) event. “Building Organisational Relationships” is the theme of the gathering, which will be held in Bangkok, Thailand, 11-13 November. Registration is free and open to all working in these fields.

LEAD Asia is a unit of SIL International concerned with education and development in Asia. For the past five years, the team has facilitated a Community of Practice, bringing together participants to share expertise and experiences across organizational and regional boundaries. Although the bulk of participants in the CoP are based in Asia, the event is open to practitioners from any location.

participants collaborate at previous CoP workshop

Discussion topics will depend on the interests of participants, but facilitators encourage participants to think about these questions in preparation for the event:

  • Refocusing on relationships: Do we invest in programmes or people? Why do we build relationships with others?
  • Relationships on all levels: What different kinds of relationships do we build? What does each relationship mean for our organisation, for our work and for the communities we work with?
  • Networks and strategic relationships: Why be part of networks? What makes a good network?
  • Partnerships: What does it mean to be in a partnership? How we can we be better partners?
  • Relationships and money: What are the challenges and the benefits around finances when working in relationship with others?
  • The future of the LEAD CoP: Why are we members of the CoP? What relationships does the CoP provide? What are the rights and the responsibilities of being part of the CoP? What do we want to do in the future?
  • Structuring the LEAD CoP: What structures do we need to make good decisions? How do we want to represent ourselves to others who are not part of the CoP?

To learn more about the event or register, visit LEAD Asia’s CoP website.

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