Lexique Pro dictionary software update

Nyangumarta dictionary screenshot(April 2010) SIL’s Lexique Pro software is an interactive lexicon viewer and editor, designed to display data in a user-friendly format for distribution to others. It has hyperlinks between entries, category views, dictionary reversal, search and export tools. The user interface in version 3.3 is available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese or Chinese.

Lexique Pro is being used in many small- to medium-sized dictionary projects to make lexical compilations available to colleagues, universities, partner organizations, schools, government offices and any local community with access to cyber-cafes.

Lexique Pro has been used to publish at least 58 online dictionaries from 19 countries. Australia and Papua New Guinea have particularly large selections of online dictionaries using Lexique ProLexique Pro is free for download and comes with a sample database and documentation.

Lexique Pro screenshots - program featuresScreeshots from Lexique Pro illustrating several features of the program: online presentation of a lexicon, printable dictionary format and semantic domain categories

Features—a guided tour with screenshots

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