New dictionary designed to aid learners of Sudanese Arabic

Sudanese Arabic is spoken in Khartoum and throughout most of the Republic of Sudan, but it is essentially an unwritten language, since Modern Standard Arabic is almost always used for written communications. This dictionary will be invaluable for both beginning language learners and those who have already made progress in learning the language.

- SIL International Publications

(August 2013) SIL International Publications has just released a new resource: a dictionary of Sudanese Arabic to English and English to Sudanese Arabic. While Sudanese Arabic is spoken widely in the Republic of Sudan and South Sudan, there is no standard written form and few resources exist for those who wish to study the language. The new dictionary will aid learners of Sudanese Arabic with building vocabulary for everyday conversation and work.

The dictionary was compiled by Rianne Tamis of the Catholic Language Institute of Khartoum and Janet Persson of SIL. Tamis has many years of experience teaching Sudanese Arabic to foreign learners and designing course materials.  Persson, her husband and another colleague were the co-authors of an earlier volume, Sudanese Colloquial Arabic for Beginners, from which many people have successfully learned to speak the language.

Purchase Sudanese Arabic-English/English-Sudanese Arabic: A Concise Dictionary from SIL International Publications.

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