A new stable release for FieldWorks Language Explorer (FLEx)

(April 2014) SIL’s software development team has recently updated FieldWorks Language Explorer. FLEx helps field linguists document and analyze language data.

Stable release 8.0.9 includes a helpful new Send/Receive feature. Users working simultaneously in different locations can now share data without the risk of overwriting one another’s work. Another feature added in this update is a complex concordance that can be used to search for different word combinations and patterns in collected data. The new version also includes several bug fixes.

  • FLEx was designed to support language research and language development tasks including:
  • Eliciting and recording vocabulary
  • Creating dictionaries
  • Creating interlinearized texts in multiple languages
  • Analyzing discourse features
  • Studying a language’s morphology

screenshot of interlinear text

Like many of SIL’s software products, FLEx is offered as a free download for use in research and language development activities.

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