Responding to Typhoon Haiyan

(November 2013) SIL Executive Director Freddy Boswell and SIL staff worldwide mourn the deaths of so many in the Philippines who were caught in the deadly path of destruction caused by Typhoon Haiyan. We are praying for the thousands who are suffering the great loss of loved ones, homes and livelihoods in the aftermath of the storm.

As the world watches the response to the storm unfold, many are asking how they can help. While SIL is not equipped as a disaster response organization, we encourage donations to other reputable nongovernmental organizations that are serving in the Philippines. Experienced organizations such as these are aware of the local needs and are already involved in providing emergency assistance for children and families. Please consider supporting typhoon recovery through these or other trusted organizations.

Links to Relief Organizations:




A video report from World Vision in the Philippines:


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SIL International is a nonprofit organization committed to serving ethnolinguistic minority communities worldwide as they build capacity for their own sustainable language development. Since 1953 SIL has partnered with many of the 170 distinct language communities of the Philippines, the government and other partners in language development.

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