SIL announces first Chief Research Officer

Simons and a colleague using an experimental computer in research on the Kwara’ae language (Auki, Solomon Islands, 1977).

(May 2010) SIL Executive Director Freddy Boswell and International Director of Language Program Services Chip Sanders are pleased to announce the appointment of Gary Simons, Ph.D. as SIL’s Chief Research Officer (CRO). This is a new position, developed to foster and monitor corporate research. Research is included in SIL’s Statement of Purpose as defined by the SIL Board: “SIL serves language communities worldwide, building their capacity for sustainable language development, by means of research, translation, training and materials development.”

In his role as CRO, Simons will help SIL articulate a corporate research agenda, catalyze the launching of projects to pursue that agenda, and serve as the technical conscience of the organization.

Gary Simons, first Chief Research Officer of SIL InternationalSimons has a Ph.D. in Linguistics from Cornell University. He and his wife, Linda, did linguistic fieldwork with SIL in Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands. Currently Simons also serves as the Executive Editor of the Ethnologue and an Adjunct Associate Professor of Language Development at the Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics. During his 35 years with SIL, Simons has made numerous contributions and authored more than 100 publications. Included in his accomplishments are his contribution to the development of cyberinfrastructure for linguistics as co-founder of the Open Language Archives Community and co-developer of the ISO 639-3 standard of three-letter identifiers for the known languages of the world.

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