SIL International® Publications announces two new monthly e-newsletters

SIL's many publications include textbooks and studies of linguistics and culture.

(November 2011) SIL International Publications offers over 200 titles covering a variety of topics related to language and culture. As SIL staff serve around the world, they partner with communities in language development efforts—such as literacy and multilingual education—and conduct linguistic and cultural research. One of the ways SIL shares the results of this research and experience is through SIL International Publications.

Subscribers to the new monthly e-newsletters, Linguistics and Cultural Studies Update and Translation and Exegesis Update, have an opportunity to purchase selected titles at a discount with an included coupon code. December’s Holiday edition (available to those who sign up during November) will feature a special December-January sale on the entire Publications in Linguistics series, as well as several other titles, including EthnologueTM: Languages of the World, 16th Edition, The Essential Language ReferenceTM, cataloging 6,909 of the world’s living languages. To subscribe to the monthly e-newsletter, click here.

SIL International Publications also offers the option of standing orders. Customers with a standing order for a particular series will automatically receive new books in that series as soon as they are released. To arrange a standing order, contact .

Three of the SIL International Publications Series are highlighted below.

Publications in Linguistics

Publications in Linguistics is a series of works covering a broad range of topics in linguistics, especially the analytical treatment of minority languages from all parts of the world.

Most recent publications in this series:

  • The Kifuliiru Language, Volume 1: Tone, Phonology, and Morphological Derivation, Karen Van Otterloo, 2011.
  • The Kifuliiru Language, Volume 2: A Descriptive Grammar, Roger Van Otterloo, 2011.
  • Language Death in Mesmes: a Sociolinguistic and Historical-Comparative Examination of a Disappearing Ethiopian-Semitic Language, by Michael B. Ahland, 2010.
  • The Phonology of Two Central Chadic Languages, Tony Smith and Richard Gravina, 2010.
  • A Grammar of Akoose: A Northwest Bantu Language, Robert Hedinger, 2008.
  • Word Order in Toposa: An Aspect of Multiple Feature-Checking, Helga Schroder, 2008.
  • Aspects of the Morphology and Phonology of Konni, Michael C. Cahill, 2007.

Publications in Ethnography

Publications in Ethnography focuses on cultural studies of the world’s ethnolinguistic minority communities.

Most recent publications in this series:

  • The Drama of Life: A Study of Life Cycle Customs Among the Guambiano, Judy Branks and Juan B. Sánchez, 2011 (reprint of the original 1978 edition).
  • The Norsk Høstfest: A Celebration of Ethnic Food and Ethnic Identity, Paul T. Emch, 2011.
  • Our Company Increases Apace: History, Language, and Social Identity in Early Colonial Andover, Massachusetts, Elinor Abbot, 2007.
  • A Tale of Pudicho's People: Cashinahua Accounts of European Contacts in the Twentieth Century, R. Montag, 2002.
  • What Place for Hunter-Gatherers in Millennium Three?, T. Headland and D. Blood, 2002.
  • African Friends and Money Matters: Observations from Africa, David E. Maranz, (revised) 2001. (Best-selling publication)

Publications in Language Use and Education

Publications in Language Use and Education began as Publications in Sociolinguistics and has expanded to include topics in education, including mother-tongue literacy, multilingual education and non-formal education.

  • The Early Days of Sociolinguistics: Memories and Reflections, edited by Christina Bratt Paulston and G. Richard Tucker, 2010 (reprint).
  • Language Contact and Composite Structures in New Ireland, Rebecca Sue Jenkins, 2005.
  • And I, In My Turn, Will Pass it On: Knowledge Transmission among the Kayapo, Isabel Murphy, 2004.
  • The In-Between People: Language and Culture Maintenance and Mother-Tongue Education in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea, Dennis Malone, 2004.
  • Reading is for Knowing: Literacy Acquisition, Retention, and Usage among the Machiguenga, Patricia M. Davis, 2004.

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