SIL's Annual Update: a snapshot of language development in 2011

image of pages from SIL's 2012 Annual Update(February 2012) SIL’s 2011 Update highlights a few of the past year’s service opportunities, with a special focus on partnerships and the development of technology that directly benefits language communities. The Update is available in Chinese, English and French.

  • Mother-tongue education as a bridge to new possibilities
  • Launch of ScriptSource
  • Linguistic and Cultural Diversity Online
  • Cameroonian Linguist Makes Significant Contributions
  • Digital Implementation for Writing Systems
  • Andika – SIL’s Literacy Font
  • Annapurna SIL – a Font for the Devanagari Script
  • Longstanding Partnership Renewed in Ethiopia
  • Sixty Years of Partnership with the University of North Dakota
  • New Academic Partnerships in Malaysia and Papua New Guinea
  • FieldWorks Training Promotes Language Documentation by Mother Tongue Speakers in Malaysia
  • Academic Publications
  • About SIL
  • SIL Statistics

SIL is privileged to serve alongside ethnolinguistic minority communities as they seek to preserve their language and cultural identity as well as to connect more effectively with the wider world.

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