Sino-Tibetan linguistics conference: Eight SIL papers

(November 2009) The 42nd International Conference on Sino-Tibetan Languages and Linguistics (ICSTLL 42) is being held 2–4 November at Payap University in Chiangmai, Thailand. Payap is hosting the conference in connection with its 35th anniversary and is co-sponsoring in association with SIL and the Thai Royal Institute.

Language development projects engaged in language revitalization is one of the emphases. Dr. Kirk Person, an SIL language revitalization specialist, will serve on a special panel, "Minority languages and macro socio-economic change in SE Asia: Reality and response."

Language development is a series of ongoing planned actions that a language community takes to ensure that their language continues to serve their changing social, cultural, political, economic and spiritual needs and goals.

 Papers by SIL linguists

  • Gillian Day (Payap): "Evidence for a number marking system in Bisu"
  • Jeff Green (Qinghai Normal University): "Phonological profile of Rebkong Amdo Tibetan"
  • Ken Manson (LaTrobe University and Payap): "The classification of Karen languages"
  • Keith Slater (University of North Dakota): "What is a particle? On the use and abuse of the term particle in East and Southeast Asian languages with some modest recommendations for improving a mildly lamentable situation"
  • Helga So-Hartmann (Payap): "Case in Mro"
  • Tom Tehan and Erin Dawkins (Payap): "Tai Ya present and future: Reversing language shift"
  • Jonathan Wright (Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics) and David Peterson (Dartmouth College): "Mru-Hkongso: A new Tibeto-Burman grouping"
  • Hsa Eh Ywar and Ken Manson (LaTrobe University and Payap): "Classifiers in Kayan"

In 1988, Payap University and SIL agreed to establish both an academic Department of Linguistics and a practical training center for local communities. In March of this year, Payap University and SIL celebrated 20 years of partnership by opening a new Linguistics Institute building.

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