SIL International 2006 Update

2006 Annual Update


SIL celebrates the growing momentum in multilingual education (MLE) during 2006 for the world’s ethnolinguistic minority communities. This 2006 Update illustrates some of SIL’s involvement in MLE through advocacy, capacity building programs and resource linking.

Since MLE programs require careful development and training, SIL provides consultant help to community educators and national program designers to create effective MLE programs. SIL also works alongside government agencies and other partners in linking resources to design MLE programs.SIL works alongside ethnolinguistic communities worldwide to facilitate language development and serves as an advocate for and with these communities in their desire to improve and expand their educational opportunities. Many people from ethnic minority language groups have to cross from their home language to the school language with little help. But when a two-way multilingual bridge has been built, there is a passage of hope and opportunity that provides an avenue for life-long learners to become active participants at national and international levels.

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