Harry Harm, M.A.

Senior Translation Consultant


  • M.A., Linguistics, University of Texas at Arlington, 1982
  • B.A. (summa cum laude), Classical Studies: Language and Literature: Greek, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, 1980

Current positions

  • Certified Senior Translation Consultant, SIL International, 2012–2016, 2017–
  • Scripture Engagement Consultant, SIL Global Sign Languages Team (GSLT), 2015–
  • Anthropology Consultant, SIL Global Sign Languages Team (GSLT), 2013–
  • Assistant to the Director for Training and Strategic Planning, SIL GSLT, 2012–
  • Assistant to the Africa Region Director, SIL GSLT, 2012–

Other professional experience and service

  • Signed Languages Associate Coordinator, SIL Asia Area, 2011–2012
  • Teacher, Translation of Texts: Theory and Practice, SIL University of North Dakota (UND), 2012
  • Teacher, Sign Language Translation, SIL UND, 2012
  • Director, Deaf Translation Consultant Development Workshops (TCDW), 2011
  • Signed Languages Coordinator, SIL Asia Area, 2008–2011
  • SIL International Translation Consultant, 2000–2011
  • Translation Consultant, SIL North America Branch, The Seed Company, SIL Asia Area, 1995–2011
  • Teacher, Introduction to Translation, Asia Research Institute of Language and Culture (ARILAC), Pohang, Korea, 2008
  • Co-director,  Translation Consultant Development Workshops (TCDW), SIL Asia Area, 2008
  • Translation Coordinator, SIL Asia Area, 2005–2008
  • Teacher, Advanced Translation, Alliance Graduate School, Manila, 2005, 2007–2008
  • Exegetical Editor, Translator's Notes on Mark, 2007
  • Major contributor to Translator’s Notes on Jude. Dallas: SIL International, 2007
  • Teacher, Introduction to Translation, India Institute for Cross-Cultural Communication (IICCC), Nasik, India, 2005
  • Advanced Track Co-head, TCDW, Bangalore, India, 2004
  • Editor, Journal of Translation and Textlinguistics (JOTT), 1997–2004
  • Translation Advisor, Choctaw Bible Translation Committee, SIL North America Branch, 1992–2000
  • Translation Advisor, Choctaw Project, SIL North America Branch, 1984–2000

Language proficiency

  • English: ILR 5

Research interests

  • Sign language translation
  • Multilingual deaf education
  • Jude (Greek text)
  • Mentoring
  • Consultant training
  • Team consulting
  • Textual criticism
  • Publishing texts accessible to Deafblind
  • Checking art to be published with texts, e.g., 2D and video
  • Checking art to be used as Bible background resources