J. Michael Miller, M.A.

Senior Translation Consultant


  • M.A., Linguistics, University of Texas Arlington, 1989
  • B.A., History, Old Dominion University, 1979

Current positions

  • Certified Senior Translation Consultant, SIL International, 2021–
  • Translation Team Leader, SIL Americas South, 2017–
  • Translation Consultant (Peru), SIL Americas South, 2003–

Other professional experience and service

  • Member, Translation Consultant Competencies Committee, SIL Americas South, 2018–
  • Member, Consultant Training Committee, SIL Americas South, 2018–
  • Translation Team Leadership, supervise and train consultants, manage budget, SIL Americas South, 2017–
  • Assistant Translation Coordinator, SIL Americas Area, 2012–
  • Translator, Huaylas Quechua translation project (Peru), SIL Americas South, 1983–2006
  • Project Manager, Huaylas Quechua translation project (Peru), SIL Americas South, 2000–2006
  • Developed, Planed and Taught, Translation Consultant and Facilitator Update Brazil, SIL Americas South, 2018
  • Trainer in Translation Principles, Guatemala Mother Tongue Translator Team, SIL Americas South, 2012
  • Consultant Mentor, translation consultant training course India, SIL International, 2010

Professional memberships

  • Society of Biblical Literature
  • The Evangelical Theological Society, 2017-2018

Language proficiencies

  • English (eng): ILR 5
  • Spanish (spa): ILR 3+
  • Huaylas Quechua (que): ILR 3+

Research interests

  • Relevance theory and translation
  • Comparative theological systems
  • Historical theology
United States