Julie A. Green, Ph.D.

International Anthropology Coordinator


  • Ph.D. Intercultural Studies, Fuller Graduate School, 2013

  • M.A., Intercultural Studies, Biola University, 1986

  • B.A., Intercultural Studies, Biola University, 1985

Current positions

  • International Anthropology Coordinator, SIL Intl, 2014-

Other professional experience and service

  • Associate Int’l Anthropology Coordinator, SIL Intl,  2013-2014

  • Associate Director for Language Development, International Cooperation Cambodia 2005-2008

  • Regional Associate Director for Cambodia, SIL Int’l 2004-2008

  • Bru Project Facilitator  and Anthropology, and Language Development Consultant, Mainland Southeast Asia Group, SIL International 1992-2003

Professional memberships

  • American Anthropological Association

  • Society for Applied Anthropology

Language proficiencies

  • English: ILR 5

  • Thai: ILR 3

  • Kataang: ILR 2

  • Malay: ILR 3

Research Interests

  • Cultural Theory and bias

  • Wicked problems & clumsy solutions

  • Intercultural relationships, adult multicultural, participatory / experiential learning

Field Research Experience

  • Dissertation research on seven (7) multicultural teams in Mainland Southeast Asia. 2011-2012.

  • Intensive field research on Bru language and culture, Ubon Rachatani Province, Thailand (under the auspices of, Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand, and The National Research Council of Thailand) 1998-2000.

  • Field research on Bru language and culture, Ubon Rachatani Province, Thailand, (under the auspices of Thammasat University, Bangkok, Thailand) 1991-1997.

United States