Corporate Matching Gifts


Double your donation to support sustainable language development through the work of SIL International!

Many corporations match the charitable gifts of employees, and possibly those of spouses and retirees. Some will even match volunteer hours. Companies typically match the amount after a gift is made. Some employers will set up automatic matching for repeating gifts.

You may have the opportunity to double the impact of your gift simply by checking if your company will match your gift, dollar for dollar. We have partnered with Double The Donation to assist you in finding out if your company offers matching gifts. Most major companies are listed.

Additional information on Corporate Matching Gifts:

  • Each company sets its own match limits, deadlines and criteria. Contact your employer to learn their matching gift policy.
  • In order to apply for a matching gift you will need SIL International’s tax ID: EIN 75-1840827.
  • The address for a paper application with SIL International is: 

        SIL International
        Attn:  Corporate Matching Gifts
        P.O. Box 620122
        Orlando, FL  32862-0122

        Telephone:  1-800-992-5433 or 407-582-3600, ext. 4042

If you make an application, a gift confirmation request will be sent to SIL International from your company’s program.