Dictionary publishing tools

Software for publishing lexical data:

Lexique Pro provides a rich browsing experience for lexicons stored in an SFM format such as MDF. No import is required (though there is some initial configuration). It also supports the new XML standard, LIFT (Lexicon Interchange Format). Lexique Pro provides three kinds of output for distributing your dictionary: print, interactive CD, and website. 

To learn more... Lexique Pro Features.

Pathway takes Scripture translation or dictionary data and presents it in various publishable forms. It can be used in either SIL FieldWorks or UBS Paratext. Once installed, you will see new export options which allow you to send data from these applications to Open Office, InDesign, PDF, Epub, and other formats, for publication or draft printing.

Webonary gives language groups the ability to put their bilingual or multilingual dictionaries on the web with a minimum of technical help. Each dictionary is built around a search bar, which looks for a word throughout the dictionary, and returns the most relevant results to the top of the list. An example of a dictionary on Webonary is the Kamasau dictionary.

Mobile apps:

DictionaryAppBuilder is available for testing purposes. 

DictionaryForMIDs is a flexible dictionary mobile app that runs on all cell phones and PDAs supporting JAR-files of sufficient size, including Android and Java-enabled devices. It can be set up with bilingual dictionaries for languages from around the world. The website contains downloads for many existing bilingual dictionaries. There are also instructions for creating new bilingual dictionaries for this App. FieldWorks Language Explorer has the ability to export a Jar file using Pathway, which can be loaded into DictionaryForMIDs.