Lexicography Resources

Introducing the Rapid Word Collection MethodologyThe classic objection to using a wordlist to collect words is that the results are translated, rather than naturally generated. The problem with a text-based approach is that it takes a long time to accumulate a large number of words. Rapid Word Collection, on the other hand, is both fast and natural.

Dictionary creation tools includes software for collecting, organizing and analyzing lexical data.

Webonary.org - SIL's site for publishing dictionaries, lexicons, wordlists online.

Dictionary publishing tools includes software for publishing lexicons and dictionaries, in a variety of formats, print, online, and mobile apps.

Published online dictionaries features both monolingual and bilingual dictionaries in majority languages, as well as sites that host a multitude of bilingual and multilingual dictionaries and lexicons in minority languages. 

Other resources is a collection of varied links, including journals, online discussion groups, natural language processing and other online collections.