Fighting Cholera

How can a cholera epidemic be avoided? What if vital health information was not available in your language? 

When a cholera epidemic ravaged many parts of Chad, the Federation of Guera Language Associations (FAPLG) produced plastic-coated information posters in several languages. The posters provided instructions about how to avoid cholera and what to do if someone has the disease. Since most of the language associations had already translated a booklet about cholera for use in literacy classes, information was readily available. FAPLG quickly distributed the posters and displayed them in villages. 

In the villages of Baro and Moukoulou, the epidemic was prevented because large numbers of people were already practicing the necessary hygiene measures they had learned in literacy classes. During that time, a Sokoro man addressed a public meeting in the town of Melfi, “You other communities are looking around for materials in French about cholera, and you have to have someone explain it to you, because your languages are not written yet. But we’ve already had this information about cholera in our Sokoro language for a long time.”

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