Death of Dr. Kenneth L. Pike

Dr. Kenneth L. Pike, who served for many years as the President and President Emeritus of SIL, dies on 31 December at the age of 88.

Pike was among the first students to attend the summer courses in linguistics organized by William Cameron Townsend in the 1930s. Following his initial linguistics training, he began fieldwork with the Mixtec community in Oaxaca, Mexico. In early years he sometimes collaborated on research with his sister, Eunice Pike, who was involved in language development with another community in the region.

Pike served on the faculty of several academic institutions and was recognized for significant contributions to the field of language and culture research. A prolific writer, his notable works include Phonemics: A technique for reducing languages to writing and Language in Relation to a Unified Theory of the Structure of Human Behavior.



Saturday, 15 January, 2000
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