Self-directed Learning

SIL uses self-directed learning methods to learn languages for which few or no written resources exit.  Self-directed learning means that the learner takes responsibility for their learning, choosing the content, resources, time, place, activities, and pace of their learning. Self-directed learners work with language speakers who usually are not trained as teachers and tutors.  Self-directed learning does not mean learning alone without help.   Self-directed learners may work in a team, or with a coach.  They may use commercial and online resources, including social media.

Self-directed learners also know how to make the most out of language classes or language school when learning major languages.  They engage in learning activities outside of class to reinforce and consolidate in-class learning.

Self-directed learning normally requires some training.  SIL recommends a number of institutions that teach students how to become self-directed learners.