Language Documentation Resources



  • SayMore   Data management software for keeping all the files and meta data are organized in one place. Makes archiving easy.
  • FLEx Fieldworks Language Explorer (FLEx) is primarily for working on dictionaries and interlinearizing texts.
  • Webonary A web app for publishing dictionaries on line with little technical help. FLEx compatible.
  • WeSay Software for speakers of a language to use to make their own dictionary. FLEx compatible.
  • Bloom  Bloom has book templates where the user just fills in the words and the pictures are already there. Or there is a blank book and users choose pictures from those provided and add their own text. Outputs formatted PDF files.


  • BOLD Basic Oral Language Documentation. Oral language documentation uses slow, careful speech to record the retelling of an oral text, as a kind of oral interlinearization. Then it records an oral translation of the slow speech to gloss the text.
  • Guide for Planning the Future of Our Language. Uses SUM and FAMED conditions. Hanawalt, Charlie, Bryan Varenkamp, Carletta Roche and Dave Eberhard. 2015.  
  • Rapid Word Collection Efficient and effective community-based word collection by semantic domain. Uses FLEx to input words and tags them with a semantic domain name and number.